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Company easy to work with and to build with!

DANINVEST – it is a relatively young and dynamically developing enterprise. Services of our company will be of use for anyone in search of a reliable partner in the sphere of frame house building. Highly technological equipment and broad experience of our staff allow us to solve the most complex production tasks. We must say that not any production enterprise of similar profile has the whole set of equipment for wood processing and house building at hand at the same time.

Long-established and well-proven relations with reliable suppliers allow us to have the stock of qualitative raw material at our warehouse and promptly proceed with the performance of any order thus minimizing the terms of its fulfillment. DANINVEST is a team of professionals and likeminded people joined by general task to complete the work in due time, with due quality and reliability, to satisfy our customers and make them feel grateful for our work.


On the territory of our production facility we accumulated the whole spectrum of technological processes required for fast and qualitative production of prefabricated houses of any level of complexity. Workshops for wood desiccation and processing provide only qualitative raw materials for house building. Glued laminated timber (own production) and reliable and time-proved systems such as MiTek or Arunda provide the possibility to implement into reality any challenging project.


MiTek is a brand of international corporation MiTekIndustries that propelled the frame house building technology to a new level. MiTekmeans factory-made wood roof frames and wall frames that transform long-term construction into accelerated assembly of “erector set for adults”.


In order to fix binding joists and framed roof structures we use the dovetail wood-to-wood joint Arunda patented in Switzerland. Thanks to Arunda the connection of framed roof structures can be made both at the workshop and at the construction site: connection of cross-bars and supporting poles, roof framing with the ridge and ledger, direct and chamfered joints. Strong joint of tongues and grooves provides for reliable connection of structures and the simplicity of assembly saves time and labor costs for installation dramatically in comparison with traditional methods of connection of wood structures.

Glued laminated

Glued laminated timber or laminated beam is an ideal construction material for the formation of bearing structures and covering of large spans in wooden country houses. In the process of operation the glued laminated timber demonstrates quite high strength parameters and carries significant load.


Everything is simple and dynamic! We use the technologies of fast house building. You will be pleased with the fast implementation of Your project. Proven solutions and edge technologies will provide You with the possibility to turn Your ideas into reality in the shortest time.

House of any

We can provide house set of any level of complexity or configuration, either in money-saving variant without heat-insulated wall frames and roof framing or elite variant with heat-insulated walls together with exterior and interior finish, walls and windows, etc. Working with individual projects we focus on the wishes of our customer.

Frame houses

You need no heavy foundation. The house can be built on a light foundation thus significantly simplifying the process of construction and saving Your money.


The technology of prefabricated houses allows using almost any modern materials for exterior and interior finish. Communications (wiring, piping) can be laid inside the walls thus significantly reducing labor costs for such works.


The built house is characteristic of high operational parameters and good heat insulation. That’s why the maintenance of the house and maintenance of the comfortable atmosphere in it is free of any trouble. You don’t need to think of renewal of facades on a permanent basis as is the case when living in a wooden house.


Scientific research demonstrated that frame house walls maintain the temperature in the premise very well. During summer heat the walling preserves cool temperature inside and saves warmth during the cold time of the year. That’s why You can reduce the costs on heating in winter and for air conditioning in summer.


Frame house is not afraid of frosting-defrosting. That’s why frame houses are ideal for seasonal residential property, i.e. summer cottages. Moreover, the required temperature can be achieved very fast when heating the house built using frame technology.


The erection of frame houses reminds of playing with an erector set. Alltheworksareperformedfastandwithoutdelay. Frame house is 30% cheaper that traditional one made of timber and 50% cheaper than brick house.

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Convenient cooperation

We work with projects of any level of complexity in compliance with requirements of our customers. We will manufacture a house set of the required configuration in fast and qualitative manner.

We communicate with You in any way convenient for You. We specify and negotiate all the required details.
Based on the project documentation we calculate the precise value of all the components of Your house set required for construction of a frame house.
We negotiate the contents of Your house set, its price, manufacturing terms, terms of delivery and sign the contract.
We produce all the components of Your house set in compliance with the previously agreed technical documentation.
Variants of house sets
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Outer walls - OSB-3 board (10 mm); wooden frame (45х145 mm)

Partition walls - OSB-3 board (10 mm); wooden frame (45х95 mm)

Roof structures - Roof boarding(45х45 mm); Counter batten(27х45 mm); diffusion membrane,roof frames with clamping plates

from 100 euro per m2

Outer walls - OSB-3 board (10 mm);Paroc thermal insulation(150 mm); wooden frame (45х145 mm); vapor barrier; OSB-3 board (10 mm)

Partition walls - OSB-3 board (10 mm); wooden frame (45х95 mm);Paroc thermal insulation(100 mm); OSB-3 board (10 mm)

Intermediate and attic floors - OSB-3 board (10 mm); vapor barrier;Paroc thermal insulation(200 mm)

Roof structures - Roof boarding(45х45 mm); Counter batten(27х45 mm); diffusion membrane,roof frames with clamping plates

from 170 euro per m2

Outer walls - block house siding(45х135 mm); OSB-3 board (10 mm);Paroc thermal insulation(150 mm); wooden frame (45х145 mm); vapor barrier; horizontal girt(брус 45х45 mm);Paroc thermal insulation(50 mm); OSB-3 board (10 mm); gypsum board liner(12,5 mm)

Partition walls - gypsum board liner(12,5 mm); OSB-3 board (10 mm); wooden frame (45х95 mm);Paroc thermal insulation(100 mm); OSB-3 board (10 mm); gypsum board liner(12,5 mm)

Intermediate and attic floors - gypsum board liner(9,5 mm) OSB-3 board (18mm); vapor barrier);Paroc thermal insulation(200 mm)

Roof structures - Metal shingle; Roof boarding(27х90 mm); (27х90 mm); Counter batten(27х45 mm); diffusion membrane , roof frames with clamping plates

from 250 euro per m2
Our partners
LuchDom, LLC, Belarus
We have been active participants in the sphere of frame building since 2003, thus we know the prices. We are very pleased with the prices on house sets in DANINVEST company. Thebenefitsarereallysignificant. You can feel the rational approach. It is very pleasing to work with the team of DANINVEST.
Lesexport, LLC, Russia
We are really satisfied with our cooperation with DANINVEST. Strict abidance by all terms. Punctual and responsible team!
WoodBudImport, Belarus
Applying to Daninvest we made a right choice. We are familiar with quality standards for materials. It is impossible to deceive us. And the quality of Daninvest was really high! That’s why we recommend Daninvest.